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Supplemental Drafting Services for
Custom Millwork – Casework Manufacturers and Woodworking Shops

Badger Millwork Engineering services include AutoCAD submittals of full shop drawings including plans, elevations, sections, and details. These are drawn to your specifications using your company name and logo for a professional image. They also save you time and money by demonstrating the project clearly for the customer and for your production floor personnel.

In today’s competitive business environment, millwork manufacturers, need to be able to manage and adjust overhead as the volume of business and sales fluctuate.  The old fashion way was to hire when needed, and layoff personnel when business got slow. This caused a lot of stress to the owners and the personnel involved, and is extremely inefficient.  The new way to eliminate this problem is outsourcing.  Many companies have outsourced such things as takeoffs, scopes, and drafting or engineering services.  This has resulted in lower costs and more efficient use of the limited time between contract and completion.

Many firms have found that by outsourcing these services, they are more efficient and accurate in a shorter amount of time than the “in house” personnel.  This in no way indicates that the “in house” is inefficient, but they usually end up involved in other tasks within the organization, such as direction and clarification to floor personnel on any particular project.  Not to mention they are usually tapped for many other in house tasks such as internal IT, computer station and equipment maintenance, CNC programming, and even server setup and maintenance.  No matter how you slice it this takes away time and concentration from the tasks at hand.

When our supplemental millwork drafting services are used, 100% of our focus and time is on the project.  There are no distractions from within the client company, and with all the information pertaining to a particular job we do not require supervision by client personnel.

Financially, when using an outsourced service, you do not have to pay the individuals taxes, unemployment, workmans compensation or other insurances, thus a major cost savings to your company.

In addition, the quality and experience of the personnel drafting, detailing, and reviewing your drawings is equal to or superior to in-house engineering departments, as we have years of experience working in some of the best millwork shops in the country.

Finally your formats, AutoCAD templates and standard construction practices are maintained and utilized so that we can be smoothly integrated into your existing routine. Every client is set-up with their own secure ftp account for fast, secure and easy transmission of information.

In closing the main reasons for using our supplimental drafting services are:

  1. Faster turnaround time from start to submittal.
  2. Increased productivity.
  3. Lower payroll cost, no paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, and no medical insurance.
  4. Years of millwork industry experience at your disposal.
  5. Easy collaboration among team members through our secure ftp site.
  6. No equipment or software costs.  We can send you your drawings in any format you require be it AutoCAD, or pdf, or both.
  7. And last but certainly not least, flexibility.  The ability to use our service when needed and not use us when sales are slow.

For further information and or a free consultation on how Badger MWE can assist your firm please feel free to contact us through our contact form or give us a call at 413-219-6958. We will be happy to discuss any and all possibilities.