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Full service millwork drafting & consulting AutoCAD submittals construction drawings millwork shop drawings LEEDS, LVOC and Green Materials specialist

Small woodworking shops

Do you want to have the ability of the larger millwork shops to have AutoCAD shop drawings for submittal and production floor use?

You can have complete AutoCAD millwork and cabinet shop drawings for your projects, including plans, elevations, sections and details, without the expense of engineering personnel or equipment. We are extremely affordable and will give your project the same care and professional attention as if we were your own in-house staff.  We will work with you to develop drawing templates with your company name and logo that will represent your woodworking shop in a professional manner.

All shop drawing services include decades of production expertise, demonstrating the most efficient and time saving methods available.  Complex manufacturing is right there on paper, eliminating time consuming verbal direction.  It is cheaper to build it on paper, to work out anomalies and pre-solve problems, than to rebuild after a problem is discovered. Outsourcing your AutoCAD shop drawings saves on materials and labor and frees management to address the next project.

In addition, we offer advice and direction on materials, hardware, ADA compliance and more.  We will work closely with you to get “approved as noted” submittal drawings and can also provide “as builts” when your project is completed.  We maintain extensive drawing records that are available to you at anytime during your production and after your project is complete.

No matter your chosen woodworking construction method, 32mm dowling, rabbit & dado, ladder base or integral base or RTA we can provide the details necessary to demonstrate your production methods accurately and clearly.

Contact us today to add this professional and dynamic service to your company repertoire.