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Full service millwork drafting & consulting AutoCAD submittals construction drawings millwork shop drawings LEEDS, LVOC and Green Materials specialist

Medium and Large Woodworking Shops

Our AutoCAD millwork drafting service can help to relieve some of the stress that your in-house engineering staff may be experiencing during times of heavy sales. Using our services can help eliminate overtime expenses, reduce overhead cost and end the laying off of staff members during slow sale times.

With over 25 years experience in the millwork industry, both in production and engineering, we bring extensive expertise to all aspects of cabinet and millwork construction. Our experience includes, retail fixtures and storefronts, commercial office and public space, corporate and high-end residential applications. We also have proficiency in ADA and LEEDS.

We can begin to generate full millwork and cabinet shop drawings quickly and efficiently with as little as your drawing template, your woodworking company’s chosen construction methods, preferred details, and project information. Once your company preferences and AutoCAD templates are on file, it is a simple matter of sending us the project information for a job while letting your in-house staff continue to work on their current assignments without adding to the mounting pressure of upcoming deadlines.

No matter your chosen construction method, 32mm dowling, rabbit & dado, RTA, ladder base or integral base we can provide the details necessary to demonstrate your production methods accurately and clearly.

Contact us today to get set up and get your projects out for approval accurately and quickly.