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Drafting Services for Home Builders

In today’s market, with so much competition out there for the construction of new houses and the remodeling of current homes, a home builder or remoldeler needs to be able to present, quickly and efficiently to a potential customer, what he can provide for a new home or remodel while remaining within their particular tastes and budget.

One way to do this is to provide a customer AutoCAD drawings of what their kitchen, bath, closets, or built-ins such as dens, libraries, and home entertainment areas will look like.  It can be difficult to achieve a full understanding with the customer as to what you are going to build without a visual reference. Having the cabinetry drawn out, in clear and concise elevations and floor plans, closets with millwork for specialty item storage, shoes, seasonal wear, or men’s and women’s accessory items or kitchens with those special places for items that customers may not realize they need a space for, will greatly increase your ability to close the deal and will help to eliminate stressful “misunderstandings”,  which in turn reduces cost and completion times.

This is where an affordable drafting service can be invaluable.  Engineering costs can be built into the price of the overall project and millwork or cabinet drafting services allow the builder to “nail down” what is required and avoid costly rework.  You may even elect to have the entire project engineered for the proper cabinet sizes, construction features, and specialty features.

Most drafting services work with custom millwork shops but even box store cabinets can be drawn to show the array and how the final product will look.  The entire process is custom based on what you wish to provide and what the customer has requested. AutoCAD drawings can usually be done in a short time frame, depending on the scope of the project and the depth of detail you wish to present. We can provide you with production ready sections and details that will ensure clarity during the mill shop quote process and clearly demonstrate your desires as to construction methods and materials.

With 8 years of experiences as a home builder, 10 years experience on the production floor as a cabinet maker and  16 years experience in the engineering departments of some of the finest millwork manufacturers in the country, we can assist you in the selection of materials and hardware for the look, feel, and functionality that you want to achieve. Whether you want to use materials like Corian, Avonite, Granite, or 3 form or you want to shave expense from the cabinetry of the house without sacrificing the design, aesthetics or end user ergonomics we can help in ways that only the expert millwork shops have known for years .

Contact us today to add this dynamic service to your business tool box.