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Category: Industry Articles

Ladder Base versus Integral Base

As discussed in the previous article, there are several different methods of cabinet construction available to a millwork manufacturer or woodworking shop. However, within each of these methods, there are variations to consider such as back depths or recessed bottoms. We will look at two different...

July 19, 2011   |   0 Comments

Various Construction Methods for Custom Cabinetry

Within the realm of cabinet construction there are many ways to assemble a custom cabinet.  Having a thorough understanding of these various construction methods is crucial to the overall quality of the end product. AWI Standards section 400, has sketches of all the types of woodworking joinery. ...

July 13, 2011   |   0 Comments

Cabinet Grades and the Home Builder

We must recognize that many home builders and renovators are constructing for middle income America and not for the rich and famous. This usually means selecting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets from a big box store. While there is much emphasis on the design choices,...

July 6, 2011   |   0 Comments

Understanding AWI Cabinet Grades

Architectural Woodwork Standards reference guide is by far the most comprehensive book to cabinet grades and grading available, and is widely used as the industry standard. It has been produced by the Architectural Woodworking Institute (AWI) to help clarify and define the principles for architectural and millwork woodworking. Section 400 of...

June 29, 2011   |   0 Comments